Ubiquisys teams with Nokia Siemens Networks on standard 3G femtocell


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Leading femtocell maker Ubiquisys in Swindon has developed a new standards-compliant WCDMA femtocell solution with Nokia Siemens Networks. The solution features standardized Iuh and TR-196 interfaces between Ubiquisys Femtocell Access Points and Nokia Siemens Networks Femto Gateways and Femto Management Systems. By end the year the solution will have been tested by several mobile operators and becomes generally available in at the start of 2011.
Standardized interfaces make femtocells independent of the network systems they connect to, making them more like mobile phones.  This enables mobile operators to offer their customers a range of femtocell devices with specific capabilities, from a variety of vendors.
Operators can specify the design for standalone, integrated or snap-on residential femtocell, based on deployment-proven G3-mini hardware (8 calls, 14.4Mbps HSPA) and the femtocells use just a few Watts for residential models, and the femtocells can also communicate over a LAN to form and maintain a Self-Organising Network (SON) with automatic handovers and load-balancing for enterprise networks.
Nokia Siemens Networks’ 3G Femto offering provides simplicity on the network side along with options for the CPE. A highly integrated and compact, yet scalable Femto Gateway integrates femtocells into the core network over a standard Iu interface over IP or ATM transport protocol without changes to the core network elements being needed. Nokia Siemens Networks’ 3G Femto offering complies with 3GPP standard Iuh and TR-069 interfaces, and with the TR-196 data model.

“Together we’re responding to operator demand for a sophisticated yet standardized femtocell solution, one that can deal with shared spectrum deployment and that provides complete flexibility in small cell deployments,” said Chris Gilbert, CEO of Ubiquisys.

“Based on a relationship that dates from 2008, both companies have worked intensively to create this formidable solution. It is a big step forward in our way towards building a mature femtocell mass market” said Timo Hyppölä, head of 3G Femto product management, Nokia Siemens Networks.


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