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European distributor Silica has launched a ‘Cores and More’ strategy to provide more software support around the the latest ARM chips, and plans to make use of MPC Data in Trowbridge as a key partner. MPC Data is already a major partner for Microsoft Embedded software and Silica sees the company as key to rolling out the capability on ARM chips with other software support.

“Core ‘n More will help customers to build smarter applications with the industry’s widest microcontroller choice in the shortest time frame and with the best technical back-up resources,” said Miguel Fernandez, Silica president. “Silica’s microcontroller portfolio includes eight of the world’s top ten MCU manufacturers. We called the programme Core ‘n More because it extends far beyond the distribution of Microcontroller components. Core ‘n More also recognises our unrivalled ecosystem of design and software partners and our strong collaboration with ARM whose processor technology provides one of the most established, technically advanced building blocks for embedded designs.”

The company is focussing on the Cortex M3 and M4 and A8 and A9 processors and future variants to support developers with development tools, operating systems, stacks and board support packages.

On a strategic level, the Core ‘n More programme benefits from Silica’s elationships with the world’s largest Microcontroller vendors. The company has distribution agreements for ARM based silicon from leading suppliers such as Texas Instruments, NXP, Freescale, STMicroelectronics and Cypress. The Core ‘n More portfolio is completed from suppliers offering alternative cores such as Microchip and Renesas or Intel for high-end embedded applications.

MCU customers will benefit from a European team of software specialists with expertise in Linux and other relevant embedded operating systems. The company is the largest Microsoft Windows Embedded distributor in Europe, and the programme further develops thousands of successful projects supported by Silica.

The Core ‘n More initiative builds on extended services including sales and engineering support from an extensive network of factory trained and certified Field Applications Engineers. Silica also partners with companies who provide modules and engineering support for development systems, including Compilers, Debuggers, Simulators, Emulators and Development Boards.

“In past years we have proven our ability to deliver in-depth technical support primarily for programmable logic designs and in the analogue world,” said Karlheinz Weigl, regional vice president Central Europe, and Silica’s executive sponsor of the programme, speaking in the UK. “We are now taking this further to provide the most solution-oriented support for Microcontroller designs from any distributor in Europe.”

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