Home monitoring networking seminar: a success    


Simon Bond

Category: Assisted Living Action Network, Networking

In March, ALAN (Assisted Living Action Network) held a home monitoring networking seminar in Swindon. The seminar was attended by over 40 people from academia, business, NHS, local authority and social enterprises, and highlighted how home monitoring is combining a wide range of cutting edge technologies to provide a safe and intelligent environment for independent living.

Speakers at the event included Kim Hogan, Community Matron for Telehealth at SEQOL, who gave a practical presentation on how telehealth and telecare tools are used to assist with admission avoidance in care homes; Dr Francisco Flórez-Revuelta, Senior Researcher at Kingston University, who highlighted how visual monitoring technology has progressed from “Big Brother” to the “Good Brother” is watching; and Professor Richard Luxton, Director of Institute of Bio-Sensing Technology, who reviewed the use of home diagnostics and looked at current and developing technologies for monitoring illness and wellbeing.

Kim’s presentation sparked a lot of interest, as stakeholders from different regions wanted to know more about how SEQOL had gained support from staff for their innovative telehealth based approach and how they had successfully partnered with organisations such as the local council to provide an effective telehealth service, overcoming financial barriers.

The next ALAN networking seminar will be on 8th June 2016 at Engine Shed, Bristol. We will focus on Ageing. Registration is open now.